• DRIVER/COMPANIONS can be medical and non medical people who make your environment a better place to be.
  • Driver/Companions are Men and Women who :
  •   -Keep someone company or just converse with people who are on their own
  •   -Drive you to do the shopping, take you on an outing or to a medical appointment.
  •   -Do the shopping
  •   -Accompany customers on an outing or shopping outing
  •   – Provide Backup and Respite for the family
  •     – While family or spouse:
  •     – Needs a break to do the shopping or visit a friend
  •     –  Is away on holiday
  •     –  Visits family and friends in the evening
  •     –  Go out for supper on an evening
  •     –  Attends a show
  •     –  Needs a break from the normal daily routine

Harry is 79 years old and has suffered two strokes.  Harry is in a frail care house.  We live in France and sponsor a driver/companion to take Harry out for a coke and a muffin twice a week.  Harry also likes to walk on the beach and put his feet in the sea.

My dad, who is 94 years old, needs someone to accompany him to do the shopping.’

‘My mom stays in assisted care at Helderberg Manor.  She is suffering from the onset of dementia, has not made friends yet and is lonely.  I need someone to visit my mom once a week, for conversation and a chat.’

‘My daughter suffers from an extreme case of ME.  I need someone to come in the afternoons, Mondays to Fridays, to cook a light meal, cleanup, be a source of conversation and assist my daughter with her hobby.  She is sewing a patchwork quilt.  My daughter is afraid of the nights, I need some to keep her company at night when my husband and I go out for a quiet meal alone.’

‘My husband is recovering from bone reconstruction surgery and is currently unable to drive.  I need someone who will pick him up and take him to his physiotherapist once a week.  I work full time.’

‘I am seventy one.  I am a widower and live on my own.  I am looking for someone, male or female to accompany me out for coffee and good conversation.  I have interesting stories to tell and I enjoy listening to other people’s stories as well.’

‘I am 87 years old and suffer from Pulmonery Hypertension and the doctors have given me a limited amount of time to live.  I have no family in South Africa.  I come from a very privileged background, and have travelled the world.  I enjoy male company and would like to be taken out for tea once a week and lunch every Saturday.  I have many stories to tell.

My mom and dad are in their nineties, and live in their own home in the suburbs.  My mom has parkinson’s disease and is confined to the house.  My dad assists my mom as much as he can, but he is getting on in years and is also frail now.  My dad needs someone to assist him with the shopping.

My daughters live in Australia, Johannesburg and Singapore.  I need someone to drive me to the places where I need to do my shopping.  Occasionally I would like company while I have a milk shake or tea.   I also need someone to drive me to book club, poetry club or to my medical specialists.  I am 94 years old.

I stopped driving two years ago.  Now I need your services as a driver/companion to take me and accompany me on outings, shopping and have a chat about current affairs and other interesting world affairs over coffee, from time to time