Home Adminstration

  • Administration not for you or are you no longer able to handle the Home/Household Administration and Financial affairs of the home?
  • Have an extra car that you need sold?
  • Need to have your passport renewed?
  • We fill in forms for elderly people to enable them to gain entry to a Retirement Facility or gain Hospital Admission
  • We facilitate the payment of the family member’s  accounts online or organize standing orders when asked to do so
  • We attend regular meetings with the family member’s investment advisor
  • We track and give the customer monthly feedback on the status of investments
  • We work out and track a monthly budget with the customer and monitor spend against budget
  • We liaise with the family member’s bank and track banking information online
  • We communicate, discuss and endeavour to resolve all home administration issues
  • Going overseas or on holiday?  We co-ordinate the activities required to keep the administrative affairs in order in the home
  • We communicate with the beneficiaries and administer the household affairs together with the executor of the estate after death.  This is useful if the family lives overseas or elsewhere in the country.
  • You would like to stay on in your own home.? We can assist you to do this.

‘We are looking to appoint a family manager as all the children live in the UK:  To co-ordinate between Busamed and Spescare and share information with the family re the medical progress of *Mr J Sparkay(father of *Ingrid Sparkay and her siblings), very ill in hospital.  Manage the family.  Distribute all medical information .  Keep everyone  up to day via a daily email/what’ app message and any questions regarding things such as what does the doctor say etc.  A call to the hospital and an update shared but also could On an ad hoc basis spend time with  *Anne, *Mr J Sparkay’s wife,   assist if she has any other administrative matters she needs taken care of.

Ensure that any longer term care requirements that *Mr J Sparkay will require are being put in place and adhered to. *(Names changed to protect the identity of the family) ‘

Mr Sparkay passed away on 30 August 2019.  Mrs Sparkay needs assistance with her household affairs.  Mrs Sparkay has given Power of Attorney to me so that if one day she is no longer able to handle her own affairs, I will be able to assist her, where possible, as her nearest relative, her daughter, lives in the UK.  I am in regular contact with her daughter.’

‘I am 79 years old and am often dizzy.  My wife is also frail.  I used to handle all our financial and administrative affairs.  I need someone to assist me with my filing and the payment of my bills.  I also need someone to keep an eye on the performance of my investments and attend meetings with my financial advisor.’

‘My mom is 80 years old.  My father is 84.  My father is no longer able to handle his own financial affairs.  I work full time and as well, administration is not my strong point.  I need someone to ensure that my parents’ wills are up to date and that they have living wills, do regular filing of their affairs, pay their bills, draw up a budget and monitor my parents’ budget spend, to ensure that their money lasts for the rest of both of their lives.’

‘I would like to include my grandchildren in my will.  My children live abroad.  I need someone to liaise with my Financial Advisor and ensure that my will is updated accordingly.’

‘I have sold my plot in Camps Bay for a large sum of money.  I need someone to assist me to gather relevant invoices needed by my Tax Practitioner in order to minimize Capital Gains Tax.’

‘I have an old Blackberry phone with hundreds of phone numbers on it.  I purchased a Lenova phone in Malta.  I need someone to recapture my phone numbers into my Lenova phone.  As well I am not familiar with how the Lenova phone works.  I need someone to show me how to use my new Lenova phone.’

‘I am in my seventies.  Please could you meet with me to work out and track a monthly budget for the year.  As well as a local bank account, I have a $USD Bank account.  I need someone to assist me to decipher the transactions which are reflected on my bank statements.

‘I need my passport renewed.  I need someone to take me to Home Affairs to initiate the process, then liaise with Home Affairs until the new Passport is ready, then take me to Home Affairs to collect it.  I also need someone to take me to the Municipality to have my car licence renewed.’